GAE framework = Python + Google App Engine

GAE framework is a web framework that's designed for high-load web sites. Build on Google App Engine and Python.

Applications help you save time on creation of various web sites with the same code logic. You can build new web site on existing applications, such as users, blog, admin, comments, and more.

1. Install GAE framework

Read how to install GAE framework yo your local PC and run first website.

2. Read quick start guide

Quick start guide helps you create and run first website on local PC. Also you learn how to deploy this website to Google App Engine web servers.

3. Talk with community

In our forum you can ask a questions about Google App Engine and Python.

Bug reports and features requests are available into issue tracker.

We are build our community in facebook. Join to us!

4. Dive into GAE framework

Learn more about models, controllers, templates and other pieces of GAE framework in details. This is available in full documentation.

5. Release your own applications compatible with GAE framework

You can create new issue and attach your code with complete application with full description.

6. Stay up to date

News and updates are available in our news section and twitter.

Thank you!